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Nicolás Rodríguez Ballesteros a.k.a.: NICOMAKO77, proudly Colombian, digital artist, writer, audiovisual director/producer, creator of fiction/fantasy universes. Business consultant, burger lover and, above all, 100% GEEK. From a very young age, he showed aptitudes for drawing and arts in general. At age of seven, he won his first art contest and his fifteen, he created his first fantasy universe calls: THE AMAZING BILLY BOY AND DIRTY GUYS.

Currently, NicoMako77, is the founder and CEO of 7GLAB ENTERTAINMENT Inc. and other interesting companies in the same industry, projecting him as the creativity's entrepreneur. His big dream: to be a venture investor focus on creative projects,  to help and materialize many dreams of others like him.

Now, Nicomako77 has entered the NFT world, and he is doing so with his best personal creation: ZAMBO DENDÉ, since 2007, the first Latin American superhero to enter the major international entertainment leagues and who is gaining more fans around the world every day. ZAMBO DENDÉ is projected as the next world-class fantasy franchise at the height of GAMES OF THRONES or LORD OF THE RINGS. Nicomako77 is considered by his fans and industry experts as the next Latin American GEORGE LUCAS.

If you want to learn more about the trajectory and projection of ZAMBO DENDÉ as a franchise, visit: to see that investing in ZAMBO DENDÉ´s NFTs will be your best investment decision.


!Welcome to Nicomako77´s NFT OpenSea Official Page!


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