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We are a creative studio that specializes in creating, structuring, developing and implementing fun and original content for the world entertainment industry. We are focused on creating fresh, unique and avant-garde content for all kinds of target audiences, which may be produced in audiovisual (Film, TV) Digital (Streaming, Video Games, Apps, Digital Issues) and physical (Books, Comic Books, Licensing, Merchandise and Toys)   platforms.


We stand out for being globally-oriented, all-inclusive and especially, very strategic (Creativity + Market + Financial Viability), making each of the projects and ideas that we engage with be recognized by their genuine and integral nature, making them highly profitable products.


Welcome to the home of your strategic ally in the realms of content and creativity, Welcome to 7GLAB!

The original, captivating and entertaining content is not only developed for film theaters, your TV set or even your mobile telephone. The industry, the mass market and even the corporate market can also make part of the everyday lives its customers and consumers, through engaging stories and dazzling products. For this reason, 7GLAB creates AD CONTENT, the studio’s creative chapter, focused on the mass consumption and services industry. 

With 7GLAB, companies from any sector or industry have the possibility of developing exclusive content for their direct target consumers. Convincing and striking content that will go beyond traditional advertising clichés, creating experiences that will consolidate your relation with your customer.

This creative library is a set of structured ideas, transformed into strategically innovating and ready-for-production projects, that seek to meet the current demand for content from the different markets and international platforms.


7GLAB’s Intellectual Properties (IP) are the best alternative for companies from the entertainment sector, that need original and global-reaching content, ready to be produced and distributed.


The following are 7GLABs IPs, organized according to their target markets (click the image):

Kids & Tweens.

Teens & Family.



After more than 10 years’ commercial experience within the international communications and entertainment industry, 7GLAB opens the doors of its corporate know-how to put it at the service of creative consultancy services, product and project development to consolidate entertainment products or marketing campaigns.


With 7GLAB - Creative Consulting, you may have access to: Conceptual Art Design, Character design, Set and props Design, Art and Product Concept Books, PitchDocs - Product Presentation Documents, in addition to creative strategies for: Internal Communications / Marketing Campaigns / Product Launch.

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PANAMA (Administrative).

Calle 56 y 57 Este, Oficina: 10H Obarrio. Sortis Business Tower :: C. de Panamá.

Phone:(507) 203 2074


COLOMBIA (Creative & Commercial).

Calle 99 No. 7A-51 Oficina: 401.

Edificio SO100 :: Bogotá.

Phone: (571) 378 3144

UNITED STATES (Commercial).

1110 NW 2nd Av. Fort Lauderdale - FL.

Phone: (1 954) 901 4053

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Seeking to develop quality ideas and contents, 7GLAB shares its creative skills and professional expertise with companies that hold the rights to ideas or projects en route to becoming high-impact products. 7GLAB has everything that it takes to expand the initial concept and take it to viable and profitable formats.


If you are a visionary company, or an untamed creative, and you have an idea or project with a potential global reach and you want us to take it  to the next level, contact us!

These are some of our Co-Productions:

Joyful, fun, dedicated, stubborn, persistent, dreamer, cinephile, melomaniac, social, sports-lover, control-freak, hyperactive, visionary, entrepreneur, ultra-geek and highly creative, are some of the most outstanding features that define the founder of 7GLAB: NICOLÁS RODRÍGUEZ BALLESTEROS (a.k.a: MICA).


An Industrial Designer from Javeriana University in Bogotá with specializations in strategic communication and product design for exports, has over 10 years’ experience as entrepreneur and executive. He has lectured at several universities in Colombia and has participated as speaker at multiple international enterprising events. His great dream was to some day: “Live off his Hobbie”. Such aspiration was to become a precursor of comic books, animated and action films, toys and everything related to the entertainment industry from his home country, Colombia. A dream that seemed out of reach, for Nicolas’ career was barely taking off and everyone around him sentenced it would be impossible.


However, in February, 2010, and after irreparable professional disaster, Nicolas decides to sell everything and structure the first creative studio specialized in fun and involving content, from Colombia to the world! Its name would be 7GLAB ENTERTAINMENT Inc., honoring his first company from which he learned everything he knew about entrepreneurship and blind persistence. In December 2012, the dream became a corporate reality when the company was created in Panama, with creative headquarters in Bogota, capital of Colombia.


Today, the vision and determination of ‘Don Nico’, as he is called by his partners and employees, along with his work team, have taken 7GLAB to be a company recognized in Colombia and around the globe by several important companies in the sector: he has made business with multinational companies the size of THE WALT DISNEY Co. and has designed new financial models, putting the creative industry at the forefront of new investment options.


Nicolas y 7GLAB are projected as a multi-region movement, from which it is possible to export Latin American talent through great content and creativity. Now, the great team at 7GLAB: